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Meet the Bordon Team

Deeza Harris

Deeza is Bordon & Alton’s senior teacher and leads all classes with her team of teachers. She has achieved her IDTA Exams and gained honours with over 95% in all. She first started working with Streetnation to achieve her volunteer hours for her Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award back in 2014, where she fell in love with teaching. She is our creative director and helps orchestrate our shows, festivals etc. She really loves each and every kid and they love having her teach them!

Mia Mills

Mia has danced with us since she was 12yrs old and previously trained in Ballet, tap and modern. She is a natural at picking up routines and performing but her gentle side with the younger classes is what made us realise that she would be a great addition to our teaching Family. Mia has since started teaching to help Deeza choreograph routines adding another string to her bow.

Lottie West

Lottie has been dancing at StreetNation since 2017. She has come on enormously and she is such a pleasure to watch perform and be with in classes. Her smiley persona is always so lovely to see in our studio and this is exactly what we wanted when launching Bordon classes. Lottie is now a lead teacher for us at Bordon and has now begun to help Deeza choreograph routines adding another string to her bow.

everything about streetnation is fabulous. the atmosphere, the teachers, the work. My son can't wait for class every week

Parent | Midhurst

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